Let The Journey Begin



Let me put it like this, it all starts with a feeling, an intuition, something amorph, shapeless, infinite yet so presciously small, undefined, very young in its conceptional phase, yet faceless, but I can somehow feel it, I can talk to it:"I felt you many times, I know what you are or what you can be, I always knew you existed. Am I the only one? No, but why? Why have you choosen me? You entrusted me with a burden but I'll never be able to fullfill it completely. You're infinately fragile, more fragile than anything I came across to see, hear or experience and yet so simple, so simple in your expression. Like surrender and love you're unconditional, you don't want to change, no...you'll never change but you'll change me instead. You'll take me as a host to express yourself, my hand will write your words, my hands will fashion your body, my mouth will speak your language, my body will bend to your will, I will be you as long as you want me to.
On those days, you sit me on a chair, or maybe a desk or even in front of an instrument and sometimes I fight back of course. It's my time, it's my life you're playing with but all my efforts are in vain. I'm too weak and you know it. You know me better than I do, for you I'm up to this heavy task, for you right, only for you. 'Cause where are you on those days where I need you so badly, sitting on the exact same chair or desk playing the same instrument? Always trying to find you, I then try to repeat the words you tell me, to play the notes of your melody, yes your melody, the melody you whispered in my ear. I'm calling out for you: Where are you? Where ar you? But nothing...You're untamable, the voice of the silenced. Through a quiet shout you appear and through a loud silence you fade away. You are me, yes...But will I ever have the chance to be you? For a brief moment I thought so, just for a glimpse of time.”
“The voice of the silenced”
written by Andrea Arpetti